About Us

Art In Flight Incorporated (unofficially) began in January 2014 with the International Dancer, James L. Boyd III. 

(Officially starting May 2015) Art In Flight Incorporated is located in Florida as an organization to help the city of Jacksonville (as an origin) with its vision to educate and develop the Arts and Artists. 

Art In Flight, Inc. fulfills the commitment to Educate, Nurture and Inspire excellence in all persons. The Arts is a vehicle that supports the notion that body, mind and spirit are connected. 

Art In Flight Incorporated is in the start-up phase and ready to take on all challenges in order to fulfill the Vision of a better Jacksonville (as an origin) within the Arts. With investments going to Advertisement, Public relations, Sponsors, Partners, Foundations and Social media, Art In Flight, Inc. gives more opportunity world wide. We will open the eyes of the public and produce the best shows live. With win-win scenarios, Art In Flight gives opportunities to watch, meet, help, and then converse on issues between both Artists and Corporate parties. Art In Flight, Inc. hosts grand meetings, forcing the best in their occupational fields to decide on annual artistic visions and come up with year round solutions. Through Funding, Art In Flight Inc. focuses on venues in need, the community, local businesses and more. Throughout all of Jacksonville and surrounding communities, Art In Flight, Inc. caters to those who aspire to be successful as well as those who have already achieved success. 

The plan is to begin collaborations world wide that lead to different talent outcomes originating in Jacksonville, Florida. This process will form a curriculum that will be pliable to other organizations and companies in The United States and Internationally. Art In Flight, Inc. will combine all talent and connections worldwide. The example would be Producers, CEOs, Choreographers, Conductors, Directors, Entrepreneurs and more. (All containing the same vision as Art In Flight, Inc.
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